Ali Reza Mohsini

Dr. Ali Reza Mohseni Dr. Mohseni has served as the former Chancellor of Kateb University from 2012 to April 2018 and

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Najibullah Arshad

Najibullah Arshad has a MSc. Economics in “Effects of Bank Facilities on Investment: Experience of HPAEs” from the University of Isfahan.

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Hassan Rohani

    Hassan Rohani Mr. Rohani presently is PhD student of International Economics and Monetary Economics at Isfahan University. He has acquired his

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Narjis Zafari

  Narjes Zafari Phone: 0729001993 Email: spec@kateb.edu.af On Campus Office: Narjes Zafari  has an MBA from Imam Khomeini International University and a Bachelor of Accounting

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