Zia Shefae – Alumnus

I started my journey with Kateb University in the year 2014 to pursue my Master in Economic Science. From the very beginning of my journey with Kateb, I found its Master program interesting and at the same time challenging. Qualified lecturers challenged us to review different learning resources parallel to studying the formal text books.
First semester was really challenging for me as I was weak in maths and statistics. I worked hard to pass and complete the semester. Gradually i felt myself comfortable with the remaining three semesters. The econometrics class delivered by Prof. Mohseni, opened my eyes toward the world of economic researches and familiarized me with research tools and techniques. As, a result, I am able to grasp the concepts and digest the data analysis, empirical models and estimation results used in economic research papers. The unique research thesis which I wrote about the sustainability of financial institutions in Afghanistan helped me to become a topper student of Kateb University in the field of economics.
In my view, among all Universities in Afghanistan, Kateb is peculiar in area of academic environment, having qualified cadre, curriculum quality and programs’ diversity.
Therefore, Kateb University is a one-stop shop for providing diverse educational services in Afghanistan

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