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At Kateb, we give a great importance to curricular and extra-curricular activities, we developed many platforms that can help our student to excel their knowledge and skills, and they are as follow:

Some of the extra-curricular activities are career fairs, social and cultural events, guest lectures, industrial and business tours to explore creativity and talent in our students.  Other than those, the facilities a university offers has a profound impact on both teacher and student performance. Bearing this in mind, modern facilities are responsive to changing times and the various styles of educational delivery. Our students have the below stated educational facilities for intellectual capacity growth available to them at the university;

Centers of Excellence through Extracurricular Activities

Many student run platforms are created at Kateb University that has dynamic and strategic goals for academic growth of undergraduate students. Some of these platforms are Student Development Center, Student Advising Center, Center for Career Development, student clubs, Students’ Association, sports clubs etc. The purpose of these platforms is to support our student to improve and enhance their social and generic skills such as; soft skills, attitude management, networking, meta-cognitive skills, writing, oratory and debate, leadership skills, joy radiation etc. These platforms can help our students can build up their personal and professional lives. In short, these platforms help our students to become effective learners.

Centers for Professional Skills Development

Kateb University has different centers such as Professional Development Institute, International Testing Centers and Approved Learning Center to help students build their capacity and acquire professional skills other than what is included in their scholastic curriculum.

Kateb Professional Development Institute generally provides professional short courses to students from every fields of study. Courses offered are ACCA, Cisco, CCNA, GRE and TOEFL and TESOL. GRE and TOEFL programs help prepare our students for their post-graduate studies. Kateb University has approved learning centers for TOEFL and ACCA. Economics students can specifically take ACCA (Finance, Audit and Accounting classes) to enhance these professional skills.

KPDI is also an authorized TOEFL iBT, CISCO, GRE, ACCA and PEARSON testing centers where students can take the examinations after completing the courses. By having good score of TOEFL and GRE our students can apply for scholarships abroad, such as; Fulbright, DAAD, Chevening  etc.

At Kateb University we have developed the best research platforms that can help students to enhance their research knowledge and skills based on international impact factors standards.

Research Centers

Research is the backbone of social sciences, statistics and modern day intellectual world. Kateb University values research no less than any other world class school. There are four active research centers at KU. For example, Research Center of Economics and Management Science, Research Center of Medicine, Research Center of Social Science and Research Center of Engineering and Computer Science. The main aim of these research centers is to enhance the research infrastructure and develop the capacity of conducting research based on impact factor journals. Moreover, research centers work with relevant departments to develop standards such as research policies, research structures, research strategies, research training and research guidance to help students and faculty members conduct standard research papers for publish meeting the standards of ‘impact factor journals’.

In 2017, the Kateb research center conducted certificate courses on qualitative and quantitative research methodologies for faculty members and graduate level students. The purpose of the course was to enhance the skills and knowledge of faculty to be able to publish their research papers in impact factor journals. The course was delivered by Dr. Shakirullah, a professor, Ph.D. and advisor at Stanford University. As a follow up to the course content, two of our students Mr. Zia Shefaie and Norullah Nawaee, both KU Faculty of Economics Alumni are working under the supervision of Dr. Shakirullah on their papers and aim to publish their research papers in four star impact factor journal. This platform can help our student to learn how to conduct researches and how to write research papers based on ISI indicators.

KU Research Journals

At Kateb Univeristy we have three scientific journals such as Kateb Scientific Quarterly, Journal of Economic Studies, and Journal of Human Right Studies with a dynamic structure. Professional Management Board from different fields of studies lead the trend of research papers’ publication in Kateb Scientific Journal. Our Students can publish their research papers in Kateb’s scientific journal as starters.

Research Based Courses

Furthermore, students take a 6 credits course on research methodology and research software such as SPSS, STATA and E-Views during their 4 years at Kateb. Students are responsible for 6 credits thesis in the last semester of their academic journey to complete their degree.

Kateb Research Institute

Kateb Research Institute (KRI) is a separate unit within Kateb University that has the main focus on delivering quality applied researches targeting the research market of Afghanistan. KRI’s activities are totally distinct from activities of faculties and research departments currently available at Kateb University. The mission of KRI is to implement quality applied research, enhance research standards and institutionalize the research culture in Afghanistan. This platform can help the students work as an intern in different applied research organizations to enhance their applied research skills and build their career in the field of research. Students also can initiate research ideas in different fields of research; the Kateb Research Institute can help them in the areas of research conduct and fundraising. KRI also provide certificate course for the student of economics in the fields of Applied Research, Research Methodologies, Applied Econometrics, Applied Statistics, Data Modeling and Data Analysis. Using   STTA, E-Views, and SPPS as statistical software help the student to implement their researches in professional way. Furthermore, by taking this extra courses student can develop their capacities in the field of applied research.

Research Website

A category named as Student Research is added to the KU Research Website. Students can submit their research papers to the Scientific Research Board for review and get them published in the KU Research Website.

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