Narjis Zafari

Narjis Zafari


Narjes Zafari

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Narjes Zafari  has an MBA from Imam Khomeini International University and a Bachelor of Accounting from Al-Zahra University  with concentration in Business Accounting. Her areas of interest and related course works are accounting, advanced accounting, cost accounting, governmental accounting, financial management, auditing, operation research, marketing, international marketing, market analysis, export and import, customer behavior, economics, strategic marketing management, information systems management and organizational decision making.

Narjes Zafari has worked as lecturer at private university on courses like accounting, corporate finance, cost accounting, marketing, international marketing, strategic management and electronic business since 2016. Besides, she has worked as strategic plan and effectiveness advisor at Kateb University. Moreover, she has worked as marketing plan consultant and conducted market research for several companies.

Recently one of her research papers have been published in Kateb University Economics Research Journal on ‘Customer Satisfaction in Beauty and Health Clinics’ in Kabul.


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