Kateb Industrial Tour

Industrial Visit- High Standard Pipe, Khan Steel and Kawsar Pipes Companies.
“The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”
Kateb University believes imparting management education with a touch of practically. With this vision we believe in regular industry integration.
This year we have visited the plant of High Standard Pipe, Khan Steel and Kawsar Pipes, the number one producers of Afghanistan. At the very outset, Dr. Najibullah Arshad (Dean Faculty of Economics) has welcomed the students and conveyed proper guidance and importance of such tours in the academic life of students.
The tour centered on a full-day visit to the factories which has three fully integrated manufacturing plants. It was a one day trip for the budding managers of Kateb to understand the Pipe,Iron and Hand Pumps manufacturing industries in Afghanistan. The budding managers which numbers reached to more than 30 from different batches just before commencement of their final examination saw the working of the assembly line, review meetings and how the check list of feature work.
The Operation Managers of the companies (Mr. Abdullah, Mr. Noor Wali Noori and Mr. Yaqoub even gave a presentation about the working of their organizations respectively and Mr. Shaker Azizi (Head of the BBA Department), Dr. Hassan Rohani and Mr. Mustafa Ibrahimi have conveyed the vote of thanks for all entities cooperation, facilitating and everlasting support and they urged on long term cooperation between Kateb their esteem organizations.


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