M.Ehsan Erfani

Mohammad Ehsan Erfani

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 0781918145

On Campus Office:

Mr. Erfani has a master’s degree in Islamic Taxation and Banking and a Bachelor of Islamic Education and Economics. His subjects of interest are microeconomics, development economics and principles of economics.

He has been teaching subject like principles of economics, development economics, microeconomics, evaluating economic plans and public sector economics (government expenditures and revenues) at Kateb University.

His research works are as follows:

  • Research titled ‘Review of the Economics Development Process in Afghanistan’ 2008
  • Research titled ‘The Feasibility Study of Islamic Security Issues in Afghanistan’ 2008
  • ‘Islamic Banking Indicator’ published at Economics Knowledge Quarterly

He has also been an active member of the Monthly Vision Journal for a year from 2006to 2007.

Mr. Erfani is the current member of the Academic Council at Kateb University and faculty member at the Department of Economics Kateb University.


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